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  • custom ear molds for noise protection and hearing conservation for musicians


  • assistive listening devices (amplified telephones,  neckloops for T-Coil aids, devices with closed captioned sound for TV, clocks with vibration)


  • lectures on hearing, hearing aids, hearing loss, hearing protection for senior groups, caregivers, schools and organizations.

  • Concierge Hearing Services Program.






Concierge Audiology Services :

Our patients are first! Our program allows us to offer personalized care, the time, and attention that are so important when heping patients with their hearing and communication needs. 


Many of patients enjoy the convenience of our concierge program; where we bring solutions to the comfort of their private offices, homes, or the place  most convenient to them. Our Concierge Audiology program is the best solution to avoid long waiting room hours,  being late for doctors' appointments, or while facing movilization issues. The patients that we serve in our concierge program feel empowered, secure, confident, and optimistic about improving the quality of their hearing as we build a relationship doctor/patient where we get to know them, their needs, and provide best care to their hearing and communication needs, making a great impact on their communication with loved ones, bussiness ventures,  and the world around them.


Everyone can benefit from our concierge program:

People such as high executives, with busy schedules or who may be  traveling,  and may need same day services such as hearing evaluations, hearing aid reprogramming, repairs, or replacements;  People who may have health or  mobilization issues;  people visiting the region temporarily or locals , who enjoy the covenience and see the advantages to the standard services.


If you would like to know more about our Concierge Audiology Services or  for appointments please contact us at   (561) 674-2859.  We are here to serve you!

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