" No Two Brains Hear The Same"


Cognitive Hearing Sciences focuses on investigating

how we hear with our ears, and listen, process, and understand  auditory information with our brain.

Over the past 25 years,  Dr. Barreneche has been optimizing her patients' hearing and understanding capability through the application of Cognitive Hearing Science during treatment.  She studies throughly the patient's unique hearing needs, ear anatomy, brain  function, past and daily experiences, and their environments, which give her information on how a person hears, how a person process auditory information at the level of the brain in their own daily enviroment, and how their brain responds to sound amplified through hearing aids, in order to assure a successful outcome on their daily communication with family, friends, work, and the world around them.






Our Services:

Custom Swimming Ear Molds Protect your little ones ears

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Ear Inspection and Wax Removal
Ear Inspection and Wax Removal

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Hearing Evaluations
Hearing Evaluations

Hearing evaluation and Cognitive tests are performed thoroughly to ensure the most et effective selection of hearing aids outcome.

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  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations

  • Cutting edge hearing aid technology selection, fitting, and programming

  • Evaluation and treatments options for tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to loud sounds)

  • Custom musician and swim ear molds

  • Educational lecturers for senior communities, schools,  & corporations

  • Concierge Audiology services available in the home, office, our office, or your place of preference.

Lecturers on Hearing & Balance

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